Learning Guitar Scales Can Be Easy!

Learning Guitar Scales Can Be Easy!

If you want to learn how to play lead guitar and create your own solos and improvisations over music you will need to first learn how to play guitar scales, and further to that learn to play them anywhere on the fretboard.

We will start our journey by looking into the four basic guitar scales that you will need to master, they are the major, minor, major pentatonic and minor pentatonic. After looking at each guitar scale you will be given a practice routine and by the end of this guitar lesson you will be ready to kick out the jams with Tom Morello!
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Simple Guitar Chords for Beginners

Simple Guitar Chords for Beginners

To start playing songs on your guitar you’ll want to first learn some of the easy guitar chords available to you. Later on you’ll have a chance to add to your repertoire but for now we’re going to stick with the 4 simplest chords available to you.

The holy grail for the beginner guitarist is being able to get their fingers to go to the right place, apply the right amount of pressure and not accidentally touch adjacent strings. No easy task. On top of that learning how to change from one chord to another and in time with the music is usually enough to send guitars flying. Follow these instructions carefully and you will bypass these obstacles.
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Links for Easy Guitar Solos

Links for Easy Guitar Solos

Check out the culmination of my research for easy guitar solos you can learn to play this weekend: easy guitar solos and I’d like to share a few pages I came across that might help you out…

While trying to figure out the different sounds the guitarists use in each solo I came across a blog called “Get That Sound” which has posts about popular songs and the settings used to achieve the particular tone for the song.

Check them out here: Get That Sound

Another good resource for more easy guitar solos can be found on the Free Licks website, they’ve done a great job of compiling more solos for you to learn. Unfortunately I don’t have the right plugin to view the content, hopefully you can take a look for me and let me know what it’s like:

And finally a website about how to play guitar solos. This is more of a discussion rather than a straight tutorial but there are some great nuggets of advice in there:

Take it easy,

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Collection of guitar licks

Check out this collection of guitar licks with some solid advice on how to add licks to your practice routine.

The amount of guitar licks possible are endless, not just virtually endless, they are endless. So why should you practice some and not others?

I like to divide the good guitar licks I come across into 3 categories

  1. The licks I will use as warm-ups in my practice routines
  2. The licks I will use in conjuction with my own improvisation, and
  3. The licks I like the sound of, but will modify for my own use and turn into something completely different

And I guess there’s a fourth category of the guitar licks I’ll just throw away and never come back to.

To get an idea of how licks are concocted and sourced, most of the licks you’ll find online are those from individual players who are expressing themselves and recording it for others to use, the other source is from people who have transcribed their favorite licks from artists and made them available for public use.

It’s often easier to find a guitar lick in the style you’re after by searching by an artist’s name. However, you can repurpose any musical score into different tempo’s keys, breaking down certain parts, giving it room to breathe.

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B Chord

B Chord

Playing the B Chord is one of the most frustrating obstacles for any guitarist, but once you’ve mastered it you’ll never look back.

For a series of pictures and tutorial check out: b chord guitar.

What I want to discuss here, and get your opinion on is the underlying problem that holds people back trying to learn this seemingly impossible b chord for so long.
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